Andy Martin issue: Sean Hannity & Robert Gibbs go toe to toe; Hannity’s racist associations continue

I tuned in to Fox News’ post debate coverage for about 5 minutes and the timing counld not have been more perfect.  Barack Obama Communications Director Robert Gibbs was engaged in the Nashville Spin Room with Sean Hannity.As I turned on the television, Gibbs asked Hannity, “Are you an anti-Semite?”  Hannity immediately knew where Gibbs was headed with his question as he (Gibbs) pulled a folded piece of paper from his jacket pocket.

Click here to see Gibbs giving Hannity the business.

Gibbs turned the conversation towards a guest that Hannity had on his Fox News program Hannity’s America in a segment titled Obama and Friends: History of Radicalism.

Hannity used AndyMartin -who he referred to as an internet journalist- as the backbone of a 5 minute segment where he claimed Obama’s days as a community organizer were really a radical training ground.  Marin authored a book titled Obama:The Man Behind The Mask.

Click here to see Andy Martin on Hannity’s America.

Gibbs read anti-Jewish excerpts from statements that Martin has made in the past.  Here are some statements that appeared at Media Matters.

The U.S. District Court for District of Connecticut wrote in an order on June 23, 1983, granting a permanent injunction (retrieved from the Lexis database) against Martin that his “recent suits have taken on the ugly taint of anti-Jewish bigotry and suggest a substantial deterioration of an already problematical personality.” From the order:

Anthony R. Martin-Trigona’s recent suits have taken on the ugly taint of anti-Jewish bigotry and suggest a substantial deterioration of an already problematical personality. In one such action, of which this court takes judicial notice, he referred to a United States Bankruptcy Judge as a “crooked, slimy Jew, who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race.” Martin-Trigona v. Lavien, Civ. No. 83-2944 (S.D.N.Y.), Unsworn Declaration in Support of Motion to Recuse, para. 2 The complaint in the above-captioned case of Martin-Trigona v. Lavien, Civ. No. H 83-305 (D.Conn.), is replete with such accusations and charges, of which the following excerpts are cited as examples:

This is a civil rights law suit against a group of Jews [who have] conspired … to steal plaintiff’s property.

This property was seized by the defendant Jews.

The “bankruptcy judges” … have been Jews.

The trustees … have been Jews.

The counsel for said trustees have been Jews.

The Jews speak and intrigue among themselves.

[They] meet in secret … to determine how to loot plaintiff’s property.

… Jewish bankruptcy judges appoint Jewish bankruptcy trustees who choose Jewish lawyers to represent them.

… Jews, historically and in daily living, act through clans and in wolf pack syndrome.

… Jews hate Christians, and have paranoid delusions.

Jews work through a national network.

Non-Jewish lawyers in Connecticut refer to the Jewish cabal, euphemistically, as “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.”

No sociological evidence exists that Jews have superior intelligence or any other special characteristics, other than the herd instinct [sic].

The plaintiff … is beset by a horde of bankruptcy Jews who are trying to steal his property. [citations to page numbers in complaint omitted]

Martin is the executive director of the Stop Obama Coalition.  Sounds strangely similar to Hannity’s Stop Obama Express.

Hannity has been going on these ideological rants for weeks now -especially on radio.  The only words that come out of his mouth are associations, radical, wright, rezko, and raines.

Rev. Wright, Obama obviously had a relationship with.  Franklin Raines barely met Obama if at all.  Ayers is someone who has sat on boards with Republicans and Democrats alike.  Their relationship has been proven to be minimal.

Many of the neo-cons wanted McCain to bring up Ayers in the debate, but to his credit he didn’t.  It may have been due to the fact that McCain has his own associations problem brewing.

Sean Hannity is tring to drag America in the gutter with he and Andy Martin. But the American public seems a lot more worried about how they’re going to pay their mortgage and put gas in the tank than Hannity’s race baiting.

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