forplai By Lamman Rucker Natural Bath and Body Care Line Launches with New Website

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forplaiTV and film star Lamman Rucker and Koffee and Kompany of Dallas, Texas, have announced the official launch of forplai, the actor’s signature bath and body care line for women, men and couples. The new line features four alluring scents personally selected by Lamman Rucker as a soft yet subtle introduction to intimacy while encouraging a meaningful and daily connection between the mind, body and spirit. Forplai is now available for purchase exclusively on its new website at

Forplai is the culmination of a two year journey by Co-Owners and Co-Creators Lamman Rucker and Thai Morrison, Founder of Koffee and Kompany, after they discovered their mutual interest in natural approaches to health and wellness. The result is an innovative paraben-free, color-free, and vegan friendly product line that reflects every facet of Rucker’s sexy, stylish and sophisticated persona.  Each distinct scent will feature a body butter, body scrub and body mist.

lamman-rucker-2Created with exquisite blends of quality ingredients such as avocado oil, walnut shells, mango butter, watermelon seed oil combined with delicate hints of chocolate, caramel, floral and more, forplai products are designed to exfoliate, moisturize and condition the skin. Morrison states, “What makes forplai and other Koffee and Kompany treats so appealing are the exceptional elements and edible-smelling scents that make you desirable.”

The first products to be released from the line are Passion and Purity with the remaining two scents of Peace and Power to debut in 2011. The names of each scent are attention-grabbing affirmations also chosen by Rucker to remind us, with each application, of our inner power, beauty and strength.

“I wanted to create a line for women and men alike that would encourage them to embrace the harmony and divine balance of sensuality and spirituality within all of us,” said Rucker.  “Forplai is an opportunity to not only smell good and feel good, but to also take time to connect with the heavens above and the God in you.”

Photo Credits:
Lamman Rucker: Becky Thurner
forplai by Lamman Rucker Passion and Purity Products: T. Corey Spencer

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