Ashley Todd lied

All day Thursday, conservative talk was going around saying that a McCain campaign worker was assaulted by a 6’4″ black man who was a Barack Obama supporter.  Supposedly the black man robbed her, pinned her against the ground and told her that she will be an Obama supporter from then on.

Ashley Todd, a 20 year old white woman in Pittsburgh  claimed that the man left his mark by carving the letter “B” on her right cheek.  What she forgot to say was that the man was dyslexic.  Dyslexic because the “B” was carved backwards into her cheek.

Ms. Todd forgot, as she was carving this “B” into her own face, that things in the mirror aren’t always what they appear.  Apparently Fox Noose and other conservative talking heads forgot it as well.  They were all too happy to talk about this fake story, and now the Pittsburgh police say that she was lying all along.  Todd failed a lie detector test on Friday.  Back in the day, a black man would have been lynched for this without the courtesy of judge or jury.  You’ve all seen To Kill a Mockingbird.

I’m reminded of Brandon McClelland’s death in Paris, Texas by this incident. That is because reportedly one of the suspects arrested in his case made a similar claim some years ago.  The young white man said he was out with a white friend in the back of a pickup truck when they were approached by some black men looking to rob them.  This white suspect apparently shot his white friend in the head three times as he was aiming at the black robbers.  A Paris jury let him off with manslaughter instead of murder.

Introduce a black man to the story and you automatically get sympathy.  That’s what happened to Ashley Todd as she was contacted by McCain, Palin, and apparently the Obama staff.  This is the race baiting that McCain has chosen to align himself.  Race voting and fear mongering are his only chances for the White House.

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