, Barack Obama transition website up and running

The Obama campaign has quickly shifted into Obama administration mode. The first sign of this is the website for the office of the President-Elect.

The website asks visitors to “tell us your story and the issues that matter most to you” and “share with us your concerns and hopes.” It also give details of the presidential transition team and staff, including long time Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

A section labeled as The Agenda speaks to Revitalizing the Economy, Ending the War in Iraq, Providing Health Care for All, Protecting America, Renewing American Global Leadership among other issues – including civil rights. is very informative, offering the opportunity to learn about key cabinet positions that Obama and Biden will fill in the days to come. There is also a newsroom and blog whose initial entry is a YouTube of Obama’s speech from Grant Park in Chicago on election night. The way Americans participate in government has fundamentally changed with the election of Barack Obama.

The man titled by Omar Wasow as “The First Internet President” continues to push the boundaries of citizen involvement through technology.

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