UPDATE:8 Races to watch – still watching

Looks like we picked some good races to watch on election night as 3 of them still haven’t been decided. Check out my thoughts before election night by viewing 8 races that I’ll be watching on Tuesday. Here’s how the 8 that we followed turned out.

Michele Bachmann (R) v. Elwyn Tinklenberg (D)

Bachman who claimed that Barack Obama and his wife Michelle held “anti-American view” was able to hold off Elwyn Tinklenberg and retain her seat.  This was one of the few surprises that went the Republicans way on election night.  View Bachmann’s interview with Chris Matthews here.

North Carolina Senate

Elizabeth Dole (R) v. Kay Hagen (D)

Liddy Dole got smoked.

Geogria Senate

Saxby Chambliss (R) v. Jim Martin (D)

Georgia election laws state than Saxby Chambliss needed to receive 50% of the vote to be declared the winner.  After election night he stood at 49.9% and as of Saturday that percentage was down to 49.8%. That means Jim Martin and Chambliss will probably be in a runoff on December 2.  Expect John McCain to campaign for Chambliss. I’m not sure if the President-Elect has anymore campaigning in him.

Minnesota U.S. Senate

Norm Coleman (R) v. Al Franken (D)

This was a nasty campaign, and Al Franken is probably my least favorite progressive.  It wouldn’t hurt me a bit to see him lose, but a recount is in the works.  As of today, Franken trails Norm Coleman by 221 votes of over 2.9 million cast.  It could be weeks before a winner is declared.

Dallas County Sherrif

Lupe Valdez (D) v. Lowell Cannaday (R)

Sheriff Valdez defeated Cannaday pretty handily.  Dallas County Democrats have a lot to be proud of.

Alaska U.S. Senate

Ted Stevens (R) v. Mark Begich (D)

A third Senate race that has yet to be called.  The Democrats would need to win all three (plus keep Joe Lieberman around) to get to their filibuster proof majority of 60.  Stevens is up a percentage point, but the race hasn’t been called yet.  The New York Times confirms a theory I posted here earlier this week, though I was a little off on the protocol.

Even if Mr. Stevens wins, he could still be forced to resign, and Ms. (Sarah) Palin is widely viewed as a strong candidate to win his seat in the special election that would have to be held to replace him (NYT).

Virginia 2nd U.S. Congressional District

Thelma Drake (R) v. Phil Kellam (D)

Incumbent Thelma Drake lost to 34-year-old Phil Kellam who is a former former foreign service officer.  Dems hold 255 seats to the GOP’s 174.  There are still 6 seats outstanding.

Texas House District 102

Tony Goolsby (R) v. Carol Kent (D)

Goolsby went down further flexing the strength of Dallas County Democrats. The Republican majority in the Texas House is down to 2 seats (for now).

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