Robert Gates to remain as Secretary of Defense in Obama Administration

It’s reported that President-elect Obama has asked Defense Secretary Robert Gates to remain in his role for at least a year in the next administration. It’s the first time a Secretary of Defense has been held over by a President of a different party than the one he was appointed by.  The former CIA Director and Texas A&M President has spent the last two years cleaning up the mess left by Donald Rumsfeld.

Back in 2006, I asked the President of the Texas A&M Black Former Student Network how he thought Gates would handle his new post. “ I think he’ll do great.,” Robinson said. “It’s probably one of the brightest moves the Bush Administration has made.” Ken was right on in his assessment.

Gates is pragmatic to the letter, and he will smoothly transition from working for the “War President” to one who wants to end the War in Iraq. This is another good call by Obama who should have few problems with Senate conformation of his appointees.

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