Shawn Williams in January Ebony Magazine Collector’s Edition

I’m thankful each time that someone feels that my words are worthy of print. But I consider it an honor and a privilege to have been quoted in this month’s collector’s edition of Ebony Magazine. It’s a marvelous issue with President-Elect Barack Obama on the cover.

I appear in a section of the January edition under the headline “At Last, Election Day:The Power of One Man one One Vote.” Different cities are detailed for their reaction to Obama’s election.

This is from Page 42:

Dallas, Texas

At Friendship-West Baptist Church, the congregation opened the doors and welcomed about 6,000 people. Throughout the evening, the crowd, many weiring Obama T-Shirts, watched the election returns on huge screens in the sanctuary and in smaller rooms in the church.

Shawn P. Williams, one of the organizers of the election-night event, says Obama helped fuel a renewed social consciousness in Black America. “Obama tapped into the growing online movement of African-Americans who already mobilized for civil rights issues such as the incident with radio broadcaster Don Imus and Rutgers University women’s basketball team, along with the Jena Six protest in Louisiana,” Williams said. “When Sen. Barack Obama came along with his campaign, we were already mobilized. He took what we had already established and moved it to a different arena.”

Many thanks to Judy Ellis Howard who conducted the interview and wrote the Ebony article. Go out and pick up this wonderful piece of history.

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