Uh oh! Arctic blast hits Dallas area once again

It seems like the bar gets lower and lower for what we consider “winter weather” here in North Texas.  Anytime the temperature gets down to 34 degrees, local T.V. crews scour the area in hopes of capturing vehicles wrecking out live on tape.

And that always launches my obligatory weather post (I feel this won’t be the last one of the season).

It also seems like we get dumber and dumber when it comes to driving on area roads.  It took my poor wife three hours to get home from work last night.  She was so shell shocked that she hopped the train this morning.

I saw schools to the north, like Anna, Melissa, Trenton and Bells -even Roxton and Chisum- opening late.  So are Bells officials worried about traffic jams and road delays?  I know it’s better safe than sorry, and since we suck so bad and driving in these conditions I guess caution is in order.

I remember when it was a half inch of ice that shut the city down, then a quarter inch.  Now freezing drizzle does the trick.
So mad props to Debbie Denmon standing on “icy” over passes in Ft. Worth.   I hope someone’s keeping the cocoa warm for you.

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