Free* Quickbooks Pro 2009 at Staples Monday only

quick_books.jpgOn Saturday, I learned that Intuit will offer the Windows version of QuickBooks Pro 2009 for free* at all Staples stores on Monday, Dec. 22, for one day only. I called my local Staples today to verify the validity of this event. They confirmed that this information is true.

What does free* mean and why do I keep putting and asterisk by it? Well here’s how the software ends up being free.

* The regular price at Staples is $199.99.
* The customer will receive $40 in instant savings.
* The customer at the store will receive a $159.99 mail-in rebate form.
* When the customer mails in the rebate form they will receive, some weeks later, a rebate for $159.99.
* Once the customer obtains the rebate, their base costs are zero: $199.99 – $40.00 – $159.99 = $0.
* The buyer may still be responsible for sales tax at the time of purchase; sales tax is not free.

An email that was forwarded to me about this promotions said that “Intuit wants to help small businesses through tough
economic times, and of course we are always working to bring more business owners on board as QuickBooks users.”  

I’ll be catching Staples bright and early in the morning.

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