Stand alone Chick-Fil-A headed to Wheatland Town Crossing

I can taste the Chicken Biscuits already. Progress is coming along nicely with the new Chick-Fil-A going up on Wheatland just off Hampton (near I-20). I’m told that the waffle fries should be ready sometime in August.

This location means that the Chick-Fil-A shop at Southwest Center Mall will most likely close down. I often forget about the Red Bird location when I’m craving a chocolate brownie with walnuts, and usually wait until I’m in the area of Southwestern and Central to cure my fix. But it’s really not that bad parking up close to the food court and running in and out at the mall.

Still, the area deserves a better location and it will be great for the kids to have a playground as well. So often in our area fast food chains won’t even provide patrons with indoor seating (hello Wendy’s), but I know that Store Operator Stacey McGee and his staff will do an excellent job in for the community.

Stacey McGee

I have no doubt that their store will be one of the best in town (no offense Morgan). So I’m putting in an early order for a Chicken Salad Sandwich combo with a lemonade to drink…..and a brownie.

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