NHL’s Winter Classic becoming must see T.V.

stuff-white-ppl-like.jpgAt a family gathering last night, I had the chance to read through a coffee table book called Stuff White People Like (click link for accompanying website). As I was going through the list, it was 50/50 for a while on whether or not I might be white. But I think I’m cool because I’m not down with the #1 thing that author Christian Lander claims that white people like – Coffee.

Anyway, #30 on the list is Wrigley Field. I love Wrigley Field, all the way back to the days when the Cubs and Braves were the only teams you saw on T.V. regularly.

On New Years Day, the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings played the NHL’s 3rd outdoor game this century at Wrigley. Last year my son and I watched the Buffalo Sabers and Pittsburgh Penguins skate in front of an NHL-record crowd of 71,217 at Orchard Park, N.Y.’s Ralph Wilson Stadium.


On New Year’s Day I turned on the T.V. and was pleasantly surprised to find out that this year’s classic was being staged in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field (you ever been to Wrigley?).

I watched the first quarter of the Winter Classic which is more than the NHL could ask of a guy like me. I hadn’t watched a minute of NHL hockey this season and I probably won’t watch another minute before the playoffs. My wife even tuned in for little bit, just to see what all the fuss was about.

The game presentation -after the ridiculously long pre game- was far superior to last year. I think it’s because Wrigley isn’t that much bigger than an NHL arena compared to last year’s game being played on a football field. The camera angles were tight and you could hear the 41,000+ in attendance really well. The only thing that was missing was the snow which did add a little something to the presentation last year.


I’m willing to bet that I will remember the Winter Classic next New Year’s Day, even though NHL Commissioner hasn’t officially committed to the game yet. Gary Bettman should be happy anytime someone wants to watch his sport on T.V.

I vote to bring the Classic back to Wrigley, though I know every city north of Kansas is going to shoot to get that thing next year. If it’s on T.V. count me in….for at least one period.

Photos from SIPictures.com

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