Jason Johnson: STAND UP! (Part 1 of 2)

By Jason Johnson

In the words of Ludacris….STAND UP!

We sit way too much during the day. I am sitting as I type this, and I bet you are sitting while reading this as well.

Sitting is a huge part of life and we really cannot get around that.  However, a lot of physical problems come from individuals sitting too much throughout the day.

Think about it: we get up in the morning and are upright for a very short amount of time. You wake up, hop in the shower (upright), make your coffee and breakfast (you are eating breakfast every day right?-upright), then we sit down to eat.

We walk to the car (upright), then hop in our car and sit on the commute to work or school. We get to our destination and we sit again for the majority of the day. At the end of the day we come home, we are tired and we sit again until bed.  “So what’s wrong with this? This sounds like my typical day” you are saying.

That is too much sitting.  Sitting puts the human body in an unwanted position called flexion. The muscles at the front of the hip will eventually shorten, and your glute muscles shut down from all of this sitting.

Short, tight hips and glute muscles are a recipe for back problems, neck issues and other ailments. Furthermore, all of this sitting shortens our chest and shoulder muscles which will eventually lead to the “rounded back” IT computer-guy look.

The rounded back position slowly degenerates your discs and pushes the discs outward to the back. This starts the process of a herniated disc. Movement is very important for all of the joints in our body.

The joints in the human body don’t have very much blood flow on their own. Our joints get nutrition by our body’s physical movement. Is your foot asleep? There is no blood flow, which means you need to stand up, get moving, walk around.


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