Dallas’ worst violent crime hot spots in North Dallas: Shawn on KLIF 570’s Jeff Bolton Show Wednesday Morning to discuss

According to statistics released by the Dallas Police Department, the three areas in Dallas that have the most violent crimes are all north of downtown. While that may be surprising to some, it’s should not come as a shock to the Dallas South Family.

I’ll be on KLIF 570’s Jeff Bolton Show in the morning to discuss these findings. The segment will air around 6:15 a.m., so you’ll have to be an early bird if you want to catch the Shawn.

For years now we have been relying on data provided by the Williams Institute to try to break the myth that Southern Dallas leads the city in crime. The data that they have cited in their “Wholeness Index – Crime Rate” is in line with the statistics provided by the DPD.

According to the Dallas Police Department, the three worst crime “hot spots” are:

1. Five Points: 357 violent crimes
2. Forest at Audelia: 305 violent crimes
3. Northwest Highway at Harry Hines: 286 violent crimes

The most violent spot in South Dallas is Hatcher at 2nd (#4) with 202 violent crimes, and the first location to show up in Oak Cliff is the Jefferson Corridor (#9) 173 violent crimes.

One of the things that developers use as an excuse for not building in Southern Dallas is the threat of crime. I doubt you would hear crime as excuse not to build in the Cedar Springs at Wycliff area which came in at #8 with 175 violent crimes.

We’ve got to stop making up truths and believing in falsehoods. The city and its leaders have to do their part to rebrand Southern Dallas. It’s not the crime ridden spot that everyone wants to make it out to be.

For more on this story check out Channel 11’s story on Dallas Violent Crime areas.

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  1. MuyPedestrioso says:

    Well, what’s not surprising is that these areas are all near large concentrations of poor black and Latino people.

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