Tom Daschle should never have been nominated

President Barack Obama has rightfully taken responsibility for nominating Tom Daschle to the post of Health and Human Services Secretary. Obama should have never given him the nod.

From the beginning Daschle was an odd choice. When I look at Daschle I think of a forgettable time in politics when the GOP was running roughshod over everything. Under Daschele the Dems were losers. When you lose in politics, it’s hard to get back on top.

Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, I’ll give y0u that. But when Obama started dipping in the Richardson/Daschle well, we were starting to get into “same you can believe in” waters.  I’d much rather see people like Holder and Rice that worked in the background of the Clinton Administration than all the major players.  Even if he thought Daschele was the man for the job,

And on Daschele, what’s up on the pricey limo service?  You can do better than that even before you “forget” to pay taxes.

Obama’s vetting team deserves an ‘F’. Taxes should have been the first thing that they checked (that and housekeeper/nannies). To have three nominees with tax problems plus Richardson is….well not good to say the least.

Whenever I saw Tom Daschle looked like the old “Sesaeme Street” skit featured above.  I have to say I”m not sorry to see Daschle ride off in to the Dakota sunset.

In the end it’s good to see a President who takes responsibility for his decision. The buck stops in the Oval Office, and Obama has said the blame lies with him.  That’s a welcome change from “the decider” always blaming someone else.

This won’t be the last Obama slip up, but it was one that could have been easily avoided.  Let’s get back to business.

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