Kristin shares her JMJ Fitness experience with Dallas South


In the last couple of months, the health posts submitted by guest blogger Jason Johnson have been very well received. Jason is a personal trainer and is the proprietor of JMJ Fitness.

Kristin (formerly known as Jazzy) who blogs at Because I Said So and serves as Co-Host on my Blog Talk Radio Show (Shawn P. Williams Now), has enlisted Jason’s services for a 6-week program. “I was a size 6 forever until I got married (almost 4 years ago),” Kristin said on her blog as she discussed her decision.” She went on to say “over a four year period I have packed on twenty pounds.”

I asked Jason exactly what the program will look like. “I have designed a time-efficient and effective fat loss exercise routines for Kristin.” Jason said. “She will workout 4 times a week and follow my online training exercise program and diet plan,” he says. She will also follow the diet plan for the full 6 weeks,” he said. Kristin’s program started on Monday.

Kristin’s Day One Snack
Once or twice each week Kristin will update us on the progress of her weight loss journey. She’ll tell us what she feels like after workouts and how she’s taking to Jason’s presrcibed meal plan.
Kristin’s Day One Dinner

So continue to check in with Kristin as she sends in pictures and journal entries over the next few weeks. I’m sure she would appreciate your support via comments. Kristin you know I’ve got your back. I’ll be hitting the garage in the morning for a boxing workout in your honor.

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