Sample of Texas meteor found in West, Texas south of Dallas

According to the Associated Press (via the Dallas Morning News), two University of North Texas researchers have found samples of a meteor seen in Texas skies on Sunday. More from the A.P. story:

Two samples of fresh material from a meteor that alarmed numerous residents when it streaked across the Texas sky on Sunday have been found in a pasture in West.

University of North Texas observatory manager Preston Starr and UNT’s director of the planetarium and astronomy lab program Ron DiIulio said they found the pieces Wednesday about 5 p.m.

DiIulio said the pieces are about the size of large pecans with a crust that’s black like charcoal.

Here’s what the meteor streaks looked like from a video shot in Austin.

Same video different source:

We’ll see.  I’m sure West, Texas which is South of Dallas on I-35 will have a lot of amateur astronomers in town on Thursday.

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