Old School Friday: The Jacksons

Of course this week’s theme of the Jackson’s should be easy. Throw up “Billie Jean” , “Thriller” and “Control ” and call it a day right? But we’re supposed to dig a little and there’s so much to choose from. So let’s see what you think of what I came up with.

2300 Jackson Street

The beauty of OSF is that even though I think what I post will appear on everyones site, usually it doesn’t work that way. I’d think that the quintessential Jackson collabo would pop up on everyone’s site, but maybe not.

3T -Anything

Remember when Tito’s boys jumped into boy band craze? I’d forgotten how popular they were back in the 90’s. They also had a hit with Uncle Mikey.


The Jacksons only made two videos for songs from the Victory album, including this one for “Torture.” The album wasn’t quite as successful as I remembered it. But looking at this video, maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised. You’ve got to fight through the first five seconds or so of this video to get to it.

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