Week One Weight Loss Update From Kristin

Kristin, my co-host on the Shawn P. Williams Now Blog Talk show is sharing her weight loss journey with the Dallas South Family. She is working with Dallas South contributor and JMJ Fitness proprietor Jason Johnson on a 6-week program. Today, Kristin tells us about her first week following Jason’s prescribed eating and exercise routine.



Day One was terrible I swear I had several Loony Tunes moment. You know, the ones where the character visualizes the person talking to them turns into nice little plump drumsticks. However Day One was a success, even though there were many temptations.

Jason provided me with a list of short term and long term goals that I should keep handy and in a visible place. As the week progressed the eating routine became easy to adjust to. The weekend presented an entirely different kind of challenge.

Weekends are go-go time and it was much harder to stick to the eating schedule. Adjustments will have to be made for next weekend so that I find time to fit in all six meals.


The workout routines were fine though I thought they were a bit on the light side. Jason assures me the intensity will increase week by week.

I do have great news to report: I saved 50 Bucks this week alone by brown bagging snacks and lunch. As far as scale weight, I weighed early morning and according to the scale I lost the two pounds later that day the same scales said I had gained three pounds go figure.

I think for the first two weeks it’s going to be hard for me to have an accurate scale weight which can be discouraging. But I am going to drive through and keep at it. Week 1 down 5 more to go.

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