QUICK Interviews Shawn P.

Thanks to Geoff Johnston for hitting me up on Facebook and requesting a Q&A for this week’s Quick. I also had a fun photo shoot with Jason Janik, tough I liked the photo on the Quick homepage better than the one in the paper. Make sure to pick up a copy if you out and about in Dallas this week.

Click here to read the entire interview.

Here are a few of the questions Geoff threw at me:

Q: One of the great things about Dallas South is that the comment sections never seem to devolve into exchanges of bitter snark or juvenile name-calling. How do you manage that?


I think that’s because I try not to sink to the level of juvenile name-calling myself. Even when I get mad at folks I don’t agree with, I respect their right to have the wrong opinion. I think the Dallas South family follows suit.

Q: When do you see noticeable spikes in Dallas South traffic?


During the presidential campaign, there were huge spikes during every primary or debate night. Since November, the traffic has been pretty steady. Is it 2010 yet? I can’t wait for Kay Bailey vs. Ricky P.Q: Why do bloggers insist on killing print media?


Is print media having some sort of problem? I hadn’t noticed.Q: Do you enjoy killing print media?


I don’t enjoy it at all. I still like going out to the driveway, picking up my paper every morning. I like it even better when I have an article published. … I’m going to need counseling after this.Q: Personal question: Why do you want to kill print media so bad?


Maim print media … maybe. Injure print media … perhaps. Kill print media … no way.

All about Williams

Gig: Freelance writer and social media consultant

Nickname: Pocket Man/Spider Man

Skill I wish I had: Nunchaku skills and/or bow hunting skills

TV show I can’t turn off: Lost

Guilty pleasures: Facebook

Song I wish I had written: “My Life” byMary J. Blige

Thanks to Jason, Geoff, and Quick. It was a fun time.

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