Rush is the right, there’s no doubt about it

This weekend on the political talk show circuit, Republicans are trying to derail the momentum building behind those who are painting Rush Limbaugh as the leader of the GOP Party.  When the mythical Chairman of the party has to bow down and apologize for speaking the truth about Limbaugh what other assumption can you make?

Politico Roundup up of Weekend Pundits

Republicans are now saying that the whole Limbaugh mess is a non-story, and made up by the media and the Democratic Party.  As if Nancy Pelosi invited El Rushmo to speak at CPAC last week, and Rahm Emanuel wrote the line where Rush says he wants President Obama to fail.

But the Rush Limbaugh discussion isn’t going away.  That’s good for Rush and bad for the GOP.  Newsweek has an article on the stands this week titled Why Rush is Wrong.  Conservative David Frum opens the article by answering to charges leveled against him by radio host Mark Levin:

There are people who have somehow claimed the conservative mantle … You don’t even know who they are … They’re so irrelevant … It’s time to name names …! The Canadian David Frum: where did this a-hole come from? … In the foxhole with other conservatives, you know what this jerk does? He keeps shooting us in the back … Hey, Frum: you’re a putz.” (Levin)

And noted conservative Dallas Morning News columnist Rob Dreher wrote Rush Limbaugh inflexible and unhelpful in Sunday morning’s Points section.  Mark Davis, full-time Limbaugh apologist and part-time fill in wrote the opposing Rush Limbaugh, consistency and courage on the same page.

Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer.  The more media impressions this guy gets the better it is for his bottom line, whether good, bad or otherwise.  He often admits this on his program -that I have tuned in at some degree or other for the last 12 years.  But since Rush has worked out so well for Republicans in the past without a hint of dissent from the party, they have basically given him carte blanche with their constituents.

Limbaugh says that the GOP will win in 2012 (and I’m assuming 2010) if they can just find the right candidates.  It’s funny, most of those candidates will be compared to him, which was one of the things that hurt John McCain.  McCain never received the Rush Seal of Approval and therefore had a hard time consolidating the conservative base.

For those of us who like to see the GOP in disarray, it’s quite amusing.  I think it’s even making more Republicans think that a spirit of cooperation may not be a bad idea.

This is not 1994 or 1980.  It’s going to take new strategies to solve new problems in an evolving world.

If Rush and Mr. Snerdly “believe that person can be the best he or she wants to be if certain things are just removed from their path like onerous taxes, regulations and too much government,” then more power to them.  But I would think that the GOP and their leader in hiding might want to start working to get back on message (whatever that is) and try to regain control of their party.

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