Funny Stuff: Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Fear Chamber mocked by Shepard Smith

I listen to the Glenn Beck program on the radio from time to time and I have to say, the dude is so all over the place I’ve never understood why he matters. I see now (thanks to a TIP from a fellow Ticket P1) that he’s taken his 3 ring circus to Fox News. These are two videos worth watching.

First, Beck calls up some fake tears as he talks about his 9/12 Project where everyday people solve their own problems. In case he didn’t get the memo, real people solve real problems everyday with his (or the government’s) help.

Then is a video with Fox News anchor Shepard Smith where he openly mocks Beck, calling his studio a “fear chamber.” “We are here to celebrate worship and adore,” Smith says. Two good laughs.

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