Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Roundup

I like to keep up with what U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson is doing in Washington, but don’t always have a chance to share all of the info.  I’ll periodically post a Congreswoman Johnson Roundup where I can get a little bit more of her work out to the family.


Washington, D.C. – (March 27, 2009) Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson today announced that Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic and Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Clinic, both community health centers in Dallas, will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic will receive $522,803 and Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Clinic will receive $238,685.  The grants are for expanding services at existing community health centers.

“Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic and Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Medical Clinic offer one-stop medical and dental care for people of all ages, no matter whether they are insured or uninsured,” Congresswoman Johnson said.  “Both clinics employ extremely committed staff members who go above and beyond every single day.  I am proud that these two community health centers are in my Congressional District, and I am pleased to announce that both clinics will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional funding.”


Washington, DC – (March 25, 2009) Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson today offered three amendments to two bills being marked up in the House Committee on Science and Technology.  Congresswoman Johnson offered two amendments to H.R. 1580, the Electronic Waste Research and Development Act, and one amendment to H.R. 1145, the National Water Research and Development Initiative Act of 2009.  All three amendments passed.

“Advances in science and technology have given us televisions, computers, cell phones and other products that have a positive impact on our daily lives,” Congresswoman Johnson said.  “Unfortunately, once products become obsolete, they become electronic waste.  By making electronic waste research findings available on a government website, we will enable individuals to learn how to address the electronic waste in their own lives in an informed and responsible way.”

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson to Introduce the CRA Modernization Act of 2009 at NCRC conference “Roadmap to a Financially Inclusive Society”

Washington, DC – On Thursday March 12, Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson introduced the CRA Modernization Act of 2009, announcing the bill on Capitol Hill before hundreds of community organizations gathered at the annual meeting of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC). The legislation includes strong accountability measures for a broader set of financial institutions than previously covered, including enhanced public hearings, expanded data reporting requirements and the creation, for the first time, of a national foreclosure and loan modification data collection system.

“In recent months, we have seen the catastrophic effects that unsound loans can have on families and communities,” said Congresswoman Johnson.  “Today we take another step toward ensuring that financial institutions lend responsibly, while continuing to encourage them to invest in all the communities in which they operate.  The Community Reinvestment Act has a long record of benefiting low- and middle-income neighborhoods and the banks and thrifts that lend in those neighborhoods.  Expanding CRA to cover all financial institutions will make this good law even better.”

“Creating more accountability for financial institutions is critical to restoring integrity and trust in the financial system,” said John Taylor, president and CEO of NCRC. “Had the accountability measures in this bill applied to the lending institutions that issued the preponderance of subprime and other risky loans in recent years, it would have given us an earlier warning of the foreclosure crisis. CRA shines a powerful public spotlight on the lending practices of financial institutions. We applaud Representative Johnson for introducing this important piece of legislation.”

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