AwkQuarius’ “Let’s Hit The Town” from Fat Albert in the Hood series

Pikahsso & Tahiti (formerly of P.P.T.) have formed a super duo which they call AwkQuarius [2 Aquarians with Awkward personalities].   They have a new single and video titled Lets Hit The Town produced by Kphlx.

I’ve received links to YouTube videos produced by AwkQuarius (whackpiktures) over the last few weeks which feature their take on old Fat Albert cartoons where they sub in their own dialogue.   They call it Fat Albert in the Hood.  The content is quite funny, though some of it is a little explicit for this space.

Above is their video for Let’s Hit The Town which is spliced in with Fat Albert.  We were supporters of P.P.T. (click here for 2007 interview with Pik) and will be supporters of AwkQuarius as well. This video is real good stuff…verb

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