Republican Road to Recovery offers “Zero” as alternative to Obama/Democratic Budget

I received the above DNC commercial yesterday regarding Republicans recently released alternative budget plan. In the commercial, Democrats borrow from the Sesame Street theme by saying that it is brought to us by the number “zero.” They hit the zero theme over and over, asserting the Republican budget is without numbers.

So I went to the 19 page Republican Road To Recovery document to see if the Democrats were exaggerating their claims against their rivals. With all the noise the GOP has made regarding the Obama budget, surely they offered a concrete plan in helping to dig America out of what their plan calls “the worst (economic) storm since the 1970’s” (no doubt a dig at President Jimmy Carter).

ZERO actually sums up the Republican Road To Recovery. I went through their proposal line by line, and it offers nothing new by way of ideas or proposals. They simply wrote down the rhetoric and complaints levied against the President and his party over the last few weeks. All this time they been telling us they were working on an alternative budget, and this is what they came up with?

In the Road to Recovery document, Republicans say they will provide universal access to health care, secure entitlements, end bailouts, create jobs, and break America’s dependence on foreign oil. But they don’t say how they’re going to pay for any of it.

Amazingly, their budget alternative doesn’t offer any numbers. Well I take that back, they do offer a few numbers relating to tax code:

Republicans propose a simple and fair tax code with a marginal tax rate for income up to $100,000 of 10 percent and 25 percent for any income thereafter, with a generous standard deduction and personal exemption. Republicans would allow any individual or family satisfied with their current tax structure to continue to pay those rates, while dropping the two lowest rates by 5 percent to provide every taxpayer with a tax cut. Republicans would also permanently fix the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) so that millions would no longer have to fear the possible imposition of a huge, new tax each year.

Republican Road to Recovery

I’m not sure which is more funny, the DNC commercial or the GOP budget without numbers. Maybe they thought peppering their document with words like reckless and wasteful spending, reconstruction in the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip, ACORN, and Freddie and Fannie would cause Americans to overlook the fact that there’s nothing to their plan.

And to think, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mike Pence, Pete Sessions, and other Republican leaders actually put their signature on this Road to Recovery. First there cause was no pork, and now they offer no beef. What a waste of time.

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