Ft. Worth Taser Death Prompts AfroSpear Day of Blogging For Justice

On Friday, members of the AfroSpear will participate in “Day of Blogging for Justice: Standing Up Against the Police Pre-Trial Electrocution.” This effort is open to all bloggers who would like to see law enforcement recognize the deadly nature of this weapon and use it properly.

This is in response to the taser death of Michael Jacobs, Jr. in front of his Ft. Worth home last Saturday. Ft. Worth police chief Police Chief Jeff Halstead promised a thorough investigation of the incident.

The rules of Blogging for Justice are simple:

  1. Share a post on your blog focused on your concerns about the tasering of Blacks folks.
  2. Send an email to AfricanAmericanPoliticalPundit@gmail.com so that we may document everyone’s participation.

This is not the first time we have tried to highlight the lethal nature of Tasers, and it probably won’t be the last. But hopefully each time more people will become aware of the misuse of tasers across the country.

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