“Enough is Enough” adds to “Vote No” Momentum

When I ranted on WFAA 8 (which can be viewed here), a couple of weeks ago, I asserted that the Vote No crew was lacking in their efforts. Looks like someone was listening.

Since then, there was a Southern Dallas Press Conference, R.I.P. Dallas came out swinging, and Enough is Enough met up and created the commercial you see above. This morning on the way home from taking my son to school I heard Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson urging voters to “Vote No” on one of the R&B stations.

Trey Garrison (Trey Garrison:Plausible Undeniable) wrote an article in the Dallas Morning News on Wednesday saying that now is not the time for “The People’s Hotel.” Trey’s articles are always a great read, and how it does it in that 630 space is a skill I haven’t mastered yet.

But Trey and the crew are still premature in calling this a “taxpayer hotel.” If zero people walked through the door (which even Vote Yes say won’t happen), then maybe it would be. But I haven’t heard anyone against the hotel explain why Dallas bookings have gone up since the council went ahead with their plans.

And though many cities have decided like Dallas to skip on building a big time stadium, why gave all of the Top 20 convention cities but Dallas built a Convention Center Hotel? Because it is a logical and necessary risk in trying to protect the millions of dollars in convention spending.

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