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Dear Friends:

As the countdown begins toward adjournment of the 81st Regular Legislative Session, I can assure you that much more work will be done during this critical period at the Capitol.

I believe the capstone of this legislative session will be the birth of the first public law school in Dallas, Texas. Senate Bill 956 has passed both chambers and we have turned our focus to the appropriation of funds necessary for classes to begin in the fall of 2010.

This occurs almost simultaneously with the ascent of the University of North Texas – Dallas into the ranks of full, stand-alone status. Many hours of labor and years of perseverance have turned this hope and dream into a reality.

This is a tremendous achievement for all of us who have worked to see it happen. The University of North Texas, the City of Dallas and civic leaders across our region should share in this celebration. I thank all of you for your help.

This is only one of 120 pieces of legislation I have filed this session. Not one of these bills were introduced without full consideration of their affect on the people who live in District 23. At this point in the session it is hard to project the number which will pass, but I want to share the prospect that I anticipate that this will be a successful legislative session.

For some time I have been working on legislation which would require the state to extend financial support to grandparents, or other family members, who accept guardianship of children. This support would be made available for the care of children which would otherwise be placed in foster homes. I filed the Kinship Bill (Senate Bill 1411) for this purpose.

As always, I enjoy hearing from my constituents and I encourage you to stay involved and connected. I certainly appreciate all your input. My staff and I are always prepared to respond to your inquiries and suggestions. On behalf of my wife Carol and our entire family, thank you for continuing to allow me to represent you in the Texas Senate.

Sincerely Yours

Royce West

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