Southeast Dallas Residents learn that violent crime is down during crime watch meeting


At this month’s meeting of the JoAnn Karr Crime Watch in SE Dallas, Neighborhood Policing Officers (NPOs) provided educational materials on gangs. The group learned about various gangs in the area, common tattoos used by gang members, and their usual activities. The NPOs also explained about the programs they provide in local schools to educate students, and hopefully convince them to stay out of gangs.

Members were encouraged to remain vigilant and be aware of their surroundings when they are in and around the neighborhood. Safety should always be at the top of everyone’s mind.

Crime stats for the SE Division were provided and members learned that as of early May, violent crime in our area is down more than 19%. That is encouraging and confirms that members do play an important role in watching out for their neighbors and being the eyes and ears for police officers.

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