Charges dropped in Paris, Texas murder case

When I received an email two days after Brandon McClelland was killed in Paris, and saw the details of this case and how it was handled from the beginning, I knew something was wrong.  I knew “beyond a shadow of a doubt” would be difficult.

The longer the case drew out, the more I thought that Shanon Finley would again be let off easy.  Well he and buddy Ryan Crostley are now out of jail after charges of murder against them were dropped after word of their release first circulated yesterday.

I can only shake my head, because from the beginning I knew this would be a very hard case to prosecute.  When the only witness is dead, things get a little dicey.

I still say this; a speeding gravel truck could have hit a person walking on a dark highway, but I don’t know of anyone, drunk or sober, who walks those roads these days.

May God bless the family of Brandon McClelland.

Photo by George Strawn

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