10 Questions with JMJ Fitness Superstar client, Kristin

Hi everyone. I would like you all to meet one of my JMJ Fitness Superstar clients, Kristin! You may know her from the blog Because I Said So, or as a contributor to Dallas South.
She just completed an awesome personal fitness goal. I asked her 10 questions so you could get to know her and see why she is a superstar client!
1) JMJ: Kristin, you just completed a goal you set way back in February. Can you tell everyone what you just accomplished?
K: I finished my first 10k in 1:27:40:55 in Boulder, Colorado.
2) JMJ: Have you always been a runner? Do you have a running background?
K: I used to run every now and then but nothing like I have done recently.
3) JMJ: You also had a temporary injury set-back during your training. Can you tell us what happened and how it affected your training for the 10K?
K: Training was going really well then I started experiencing knee problems which felt as if my leg was going to give out. I consulted with an Orthopedic and he diagnosed me with having Patellar Tracking Disorder. For roughly 4 weeks I was limited to upper body weights only and no cardio.
4) JMJ: How did you feel immediately after the 10K? At some point, did you experience the “runner’s high”?
K: Tired! By mile four I don’t know if that was the runners high I was experiencing or gratitude that only two miles were left.
5) JMJ: We’ve been working together since February. Through your training and nutrition experience thus far, what are some of the changes you’ve noticed in your health and fitness levels?

K: I have a lot more energy and endurance. I actually look forward to most of my workouts and a good sweat. And of course noticing that I fit into smaller clothes.

6) JMJ: Have you set any other running goals or fitness goals? You know I’m all about clients setting goals!

K: I want to run a half-marathon before I turn 30 next year. There is the White Rock Lake race (this fall) or the Half-Marathon in Austin next year in February that I plan on checking off my must do before I turn 30 list.
7) JMJ: What has been the #1 thing or motivator that has helped you achieve
your fitness goals?
K: First it was weight loss then it gradual became the goal itself.
8) JMJ: What has been the toughest part about your new fitness lifestyle?
K: Sugar! I don’t mind the workouts but the limitations on my sugar consumption has been a hard transition. I do find when I load up on fruit I don’t have refined sugar cravings.
9) JMJ: Kristin, how would you complete this sentence. Even on my worst days, when I’m not motivated, I still __________as a part of my new fitness lifestyle.
K: I do as you always say, I put on my clothes and just see what happens
10) JMJ: How does it feel to say to yourself, “I ran a 10K!”????
K: I feel very proud of myself. My mom is too she called all of my aunts after wards.

JMJ: Awesome, awesome job Kristin! It’s definitely a great feeling to accomplish a personal goal and cross it off your list. And it’s amazing how you start looking for the next challenge or goal you can accomplish. It’s a great domino effect, the “fitness bug” is very contagious.

Until next time.
Stay healthy and stay active,
Jason M. Johnson, ACE-CPT
JMJ Fitness

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