Preservation Link’s “Through the Eyes of Our Children:Something Beautiful” opens at Dallas Museum of Art

On Monday June 1st, Preservation Link’s Point of View photojournalism program held an awards program at the Dallas Museum of Art’s Horchow Auditorium. Preservatino Link is a nonprofit organization that looks to encourage an appreciation and an acknowledgment of community and culture through literacy, art, and technology education.

On the same night, the museum unveiled the exhibit Through the Eyes of Our Children: Something Beautiful, a collection of photos and videos from 5th graders who participate in the Preservation Link Program. Representatives of Preservation Link go to DISD schools throughout the year and help students to shoot photos and videos of their neighborhood. The result is Something Beautiful.

Yours truly served as M.C. for the evening, and awards were presented by David Herman, Destinee Lews, and teachers from schools who participated in the program. The exhibit will run until August 23rd. Below are pictures from the event as well as poems from some of the participants.


“Why Communities Don’t Succeed”
by Isaiah Smith – Dunbar Elementary School

I don’t like the way my community looks because we don’t recycle.

We spend more time fighting than trying to build our community.

When people fight- someone can get hurt or sometimes killed.

Let’s help our community by working together, instead of against
each other.

”The Life of a House”
by Antwone Womack – Dunbar Elementary School

Houses are places that provide shelter, safety, and storage. But when people abuse them they start to look:

Distressed, Dilapidated, Damaged, Dangerous, Decomposed, Dirty.

“My mom and dad influence me the most.” Donisha Waters – J.J. Rhoads Elementary

By Myajia English – Dunbar Elementary School

When I look around my neighborhood
I see lots of ice cream, cemeteries,
churches, and dreams.

Dreams of children having
a safe place to live, play and
go to school.

Dreams of nice homes
for families
to thrive and live in harmony.

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