Ray Hodges Financial Group: Insurance plans to help protect families in case of unexpected loss

The newest Dallas South Community supporter Ray Hodges Financial Group shares how families can protect against the financial strain that can come with unexpected loss.


Every day, between 6,000 and 7,000 people die in the US. Over 110 die in fatal car accidents per day. No one ever thinks it’s going to be their turn, but when it happens unexpectedly, the emotional damage is usually compounded by financial damage.

Sympathetic for 30 seconds after you share that your spouse died, the mortgagee still wants the payment. The funeral director patiently waits until you wipe your tears to find out how he is going to get paid. No time to mourn. Everything is due. I have lived this scenario and far too many will experience this outcome. As a mortgage/retirement protection specialist, I recommend the following options:

Fair option – Final Expense Policy – pays for burial and incidentals; your family won’t have to “pass the hat” to bury you

Good option – Term Insurance Policy – use this policy to pay off the mortgage, most people’s largest expense

Best option – Universal Life Insurance Policy – permanent policy large enough to bury you and pay off your mortgage; it covers you at least until 120 years of age; provides cash accumulation.

Call or email me to discuss how to best protect your family.

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