Volunteer Videographers and Video editors needed for Dallas South News

We are in the process of recruiting volunteers to help staff Dallas South News, our nonprofit news organization focused on covering news in Southern Dallas.  We need 100 citizen journalists in areas of writing, photography, news anchors, and more.  Video presentation will be an important part of our news delivery, and we are in need of citizens who are willing to help us do it.

Today we are making a call for people with videography skills as well as video editing capabilities.  For the videographers, we already have high definition cameras and sound equipment, so knowledge of HD videography would be a plus.

Video Editors are also needed, and knowledge of Final Cut and Garage Band is welcome.

Citizens who have their own quality digital video cameras are free to contribute as well.  There will be no shortage of opportunities to cover exciting stories, just a shortage of human capital from time to time.

If you are interested in working with us, please email Zaye Garandi at producer@zayechannel.tv

More information to follow.

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