People I Follow on Twitter

Continuing my series about people I follow. This time on Twitter.  I limited my entries to 140 characters, the maximum length of a tweet.

waynesutton wayne is a social media guru, mastering every form. 25K followers but he’s following 26. Tweets social media tips and advice thru the day

necolebitchie “gossip blogger” who gets the scoop, but also transparent about her own life. her testimony is awesome. holding it down for the ATL

ATLien – speaking of ATL, another entertainment type that i met at BWB last year. got me moving on twittter as we tweeted thruout conference.

PiKaHsSo Formerly of PPT, currently of AwkQuarius, Pik is a creative brother 2 say the least. 2 c how his mind works, check whackpiktures on YouTube

baratunde can speak on any subject relating to current events and politics, and funny to boot (he’s a comedian). always puts n a good word for dsouth

darthvader of course im a huge star wars fan, but this dude takes it to new level. tweets 1st person as if dv was living now traveling the galaxy funny

pamperry PR Coach and internet marketer that’s always pointing out good articles on branding and promotion. Has a presence on Blog Talk Radio also.

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