Blogging While Brown Conference starts Friday in Chicago, attendees announced

The 2nd Blogging While Brown Conference gets underway on Friday at Chicago’s University Center with a Beginning Bloggers Boot Camp. Conference organizer Gina McCauley afforded me the opportunity to serve as programming chair for the conference, and I’m excited about the group of panelists and presenters that we were able to pull together. Here’ the schedule:

June 20, 2009 – Blogging While Brown Conference

8:00AM. – 8:30AM



Introductory remarks


Workshop: “The Competent Blogger”

This workshop will cover tapping into talent communities using web 2.0 tools and techniques to find lucrative and rewarding career opportunities. This is a must attend workshop for anyone interested in building an online presence or pursuing a long-term career in IT.

This presentation will address all aspects of careers In IT and the core competencies necessary to build and sustain a vibrant, fulfilling and prosperous career powered by the web 2.0 social networking phenomenon. The workshop includes , research results from the 2009 IT Job Outlook Readers Poll, skill sets that are hot in the current job market, and how to use social networking to “get discovered” for the hot job opportunities How to build a successful online business in the IT Industry

Presenter: Milt Hayes


Workshop: Mobility

Sponsored by AT&T

The Mobility Workshop is constructed to challenge third party groups to think about integrating wireless into their grassroots and advocacy activities as well as demonstrate AT&T’s leading positions in the areas of child safety (Smart Limits) and wireless technology (i.e. video share, 3G, etc.). The workshop includes an explanation of non-voice communications channels on wireless handsets, including SMS, WAP/Wireless Internet, Photo/Video Share, Video/3G, and Smart Limits and a hands-on demo of the service. Participants will walk through Web and SMS sign-up, SMS messaging and SMS mobilization. The training includes case studies from 08 election cycle.


Panel — Netroots in Action

Panelists will discuss how social media tools can be used to affect changes in policy, improve communities, and influence elections.

Moderator: Carmen Dixon Rosenzweig,

Panelists: Megan Tady,

Pam Spaulding,

Cheryl Contee,



Brand Camp University:Building a Strong Personal Brand Online

The goal of this workshop is to teach attendees to develop a digitally relevant personal brand in a web 2.0 world using social media. Identify tools and strategies to create, define, and manage who you are distinctly to help you define your space. Build and manage the character of you online brand and community organically, authentically, and cost effectively with the top personal branding tips. Outline: Participants will learn: Basics of Personal Branding, Defining your Value Proposition, o Social Networking strategies for personal branding, Networking tips online and offline for career success, Organically building your community, Online reputation management, Create brand plan, Use Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter for business and career development.

Presenter: Hajj Flemmings,,


Panel: The State of the Information Monarchy- What’s Next for Traditional Media?

Panelists will discuss whether bloggers and citizen journalists can fill the void left by changes in traditional media.

Moderator: Monroe Anderson,

Panelists: Eric Easter,

Bruce Montgomery


Panel: Bloggerpreneurs

Panelists will discuss making a name for yourself in the world of social media and networking your way to better opportunities and personal success.

Moderator: Jonnice Slaughter,

Panelists: Angel Laws,

Fredric Mitchell


Closing Remarks

And here is a list of confirmed conference attendees:

* A Buzz in Your Ear
* Acts of Faith in Love and Life
* Afrobella
* All About Race
* Around Harlem
* Around NYC
* Awesomely Luvvie
* Beckie Has a Blog
* Beyond-isms
* Black Gyrl Cancer Slayer
* Black PR
* Blacks Gone Geek
* Blank Bare Clean
* Blog Not War
* blogHer
* Bronzeville Change
* Brother Bartell
* Brown and Bridal
* But You’re A Girl
* Carlos in DC
* Change You Can See
* Chartreuse
* Concrete Loop
* Consumer Blast
* Cyber PR Urban
* D Jones Productions
* Dallas South Blog
* Dante Lee
* Dragon Fly
* Ebony Jet
* Flack Me
* Fresh Manna of the Day
* Global Wire
* Global Wire
* Goddess Intellect
* Hajj Flemings
* Harmonic Leadership
* Haute Muslim
* Have a Wonderful
* I Hate My Developer
* IT Empowers U
* Jack and Jill Politics
* Jamal Street Journal
* Which Awakens Me
* Listen to Leon
* Live Life Posh
* Locs and Dreams
* Love a Black Woman
* Marty Blogs
* Megans Minute
* Miss Theda
* Mocha Mom 365
* Monroe Anderson
* Naomi Christine
* Pams House Blend
* Peruanista
* Philena
* Photo Solitude
* Pocket Book Protest
* Project New Era
* Queen Tahj
* Save the Internet
* See Your Worth
* Small World View
* Social Media Socialite
* South Shore Chamber
* The Joba Group
* The Smak
* The Super Spade
* Theo Talks
* Urban Beauty
* Urban Science
* We Are Black Women
* Woman Body and Soul
* YBP Guide

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