Old School Friday: Divas

This one was easy. I was a huge En Vogue fan back in the day. They came along during the heart of my teenage years, and could do not wrong as far as I was concerned. So consider this the En Vogue edition of Old School Friday.

This is a live performance of “My Lovin'” at the first MTV Music Awards. I can never listen to the “Woo, woo, woo, woo,” part without thinking of Jamie Foxx’s Wanda.

“Hold On” is still the quintessential En Vogue Track track for me, and the one that started it all from their debut album Born to Sing.”

Believe it or not the Funky Divas are back together again (They never should have split up). Here’s a medley they performed on The View a couple of months back.

Check out the other OSF Participants if you get a minute. Happy Old School Friday!!!

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