Poem: All Along

Written by Tina Arradondo

What’s on the other side sometimes I know is not for me,
I can see through some mountains so clear and perfectly…

Is it my fault that I have wisdom that others may see as strange?
I feel things that others don’t and so I claim it cause It can’t change.

Is your death predetermined at the time you were conceived?
Or do you believe you can make choices that can change what’s
meant to be?

God said “BE” and there I was, put on this path so am I the judge
of how I view what’s in my path whether it’s money, sex, lies or

The path I’m on is full of twists and turns and mountains I can’t
climb. When I say can’t, I do mean CAN’T. It doesn’t matter
if I tried.

My mind is perfect. The world is flawed. I was created by Divine
Law. It’s logical that I’d feel radical if to me the ‘norm ain’t normal.

I feel, “whats being bought should’ve never been sold”, You feel, “what’s
being sold should’ve never been bought”. So what’s real?

I feel, “Whats being taught should’ve never been told” and you feel
“what’s being told should’ve never been taught”, so what’s real?

To act without thought, then react when the consequences unfold
is insanity to me

We’re looking to the future to answer questions that have been
answered in the past…like, “What causes pollution?” Gas! and a
mask ain’t the solution.

Arguing over problems that were never meant to be solved…like,
the evolution of man, Damn, when will Truth just evolve.

To think rational is beautiful. War is complicated

Peace is simple. And simply put…The ones that know it
don’t control it but the ones in control, DO know. So now what?

If the beginning and the ending were already written then is their
room for shifting? Or are we just drifting?????

We have choices to make, voices to take back.
We’ve failed in fiction, but will prevail in facts.

God is Real, Religion is false. Lies are always easily found in
this life but the truth?…. So easily lost.

We’ve been on pause for too long. Push play or just stop re-
winding the song. Stop compromising with wrong when you knew right
all along.

It’s a classic case and such a drastic mistake to trade a coal mine
for plastic because it’s easier to lift and sift…WAIT!! I’ll
take the coal with the dirt, I’ll sift ‘til it hurts.

I’ll take that boulder, carry it through life on my shoulders if in the
end I deliver a diamond to the Giver of Life as my gift.. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or is it???

I see beauty in love, while others see beauty in hate. So the definition
of beauty is up for debate.

The smoke in your eyesight creates the illusion of grey. The world
is indeed black and white. My mind spins and truth wins but it’s
not in the fight.

The battles not really between wrong or right. It’s about how you
viewed things on the path you were on. It’s about YOU and what
you thought of it all, all along.

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