Statement from the President on House Passage of Historic Education Reform Bill

We’re finally on the White House Press List (we get stuff from the RNC multiple times a day so I ‘ve always tried to give them space here for recognizing us).  This is a statement from the President.

I want to thank the House of Representatives for the progress they made today on the reforms I’ve proposed to strengthen higher education and our early education system.  Today, the House delivered a historic set of reforms to the financial aid system that will offer relief to students and families.

This bill will end the billions upon billions of dollars in unwarranted subsidies that we hand out to banks and financial institutions, and will use that money to guarantee access to low-cost loans, and strengthen Pell Grants and Perkins loans that make college more affordable.

This bill also follows through on our plan to shore up our community college system, simplifies the complicated financial aid forms to make it easier for students to apply for and get the help they need, and will strengthen standards and improve outcomes in early learning programs. I look forward to signing these reforms into law.

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