House Republicans Offer “A Pledge to America”

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House Republicans today presented “A Pledge to America,” a new governing agenda for the nation built upon the priorities of the American people. This document is the result of an unprecedented effort of citizen engagement – the America Speaking Out project – in which Republicans sought the wisdom of the people to aid in the construction of a new governing agenda.  By listening and engaging, Republicans heard that Americans want Washington to focus on matters like job creation, cutting government spending, and restoring accountability to Congress itself.  This agenda lays out solutions to those issues that can be implemented today, and House Republicans will call on the Speaker to bring them to the floor immediately.

Upon its introduction, Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the chairman of the effort to create the Pledge to America, released the following statement.

“Our government stumbles when it strays too far from the people it serves and the principles it was founded upon.  Right now, Washington has lost touch with both.  Americans are looking for a new way forward in Washington, and with this Pledge we offer a pathway to greater prosperity, security, and accountability.  Our pledge honors our founding principles, lays out meaningful policy prescriptions, and narrows its focus to those core issues on the minds of American families.  We understand that people are looking for job creation, spending restraint, and a Congress that works on behalf of their priorities.  Our agenda is a clear statement that Republicans are listening and have solutions to turn a nation and a government toward a better future.”

“A Pledge to America” can be downloaded in PDF format at

NOTE: The preamble to “A Pledge to America” reaffirms Republicans’ commitment to principles of smaller, more accountable government; economic freedom; lower taxes; fiscal responsibility; protecting life, American values, and the Constitution; and providing for a strong national defense.  This new governing agenda is comprised of five specific policy plans that could be implemented right now if President Obama and Democratic Leaders would allow it:?

·         Creating Jobs.   “A Pledge to America” reflects Americans’ demand for immediate action on policies that will end uncertainty for small businesses and help our economy get back to creating jobs.  This new governing agenda contains a plan to create jobs, end economic uncertainty, and make America competitive – including stopping all tax hikes, reining in red tape, and repealing ObamaCare’s ‘1099 mandate.’

·         Cutting Spending.  “A Pledge to America” embodies Americans’ rejection of the now-thoroughly discredited notion that we can simply tax, spend, and borrow our way to prosperity.  This new governing agenda contains a plan to cut spending and reduce the size of government – including cutting government spending to pre-‘stimulus’, pre-bailout levels, imposing a hard cap on future discretionary spending, and ending TARP once and for all.

·         Reforming Congress.  “A Pledge to America” acknowledges that we cannot get our arms around the issues of the day when we have a government that refuses to listen to the people and ignores their priorities.  This new governing agenda contains a plan to reform Congress and restore trust – including implementing ‘read the bill’ reform, allowing for more open and fair debate, and requiring that every bill contain a citation of Constitutional authority.

·         Repealing and Replacing The Job-Killing Health Care Law.  “A Pledge to America” recognizes that the American people continue to squarely oppose the government takeover of health care, with its higher costs, higher taxes, job-killing mandates, and Medicare cuts to pay for a massive new entitlement.  This new governing agenda contains a plan to repeal and replace the job-killing health care law with common-sense reforms focused on lowering costs and protecting American jobs.

·         A Strong National Defense.  “A Pledge to America” reinforces Congress’s responsibility to help provide for a strong national defense and determine a coherent strategy to confront and defeat the terrorist threat.  This new governing agenda contains a plan to keep our nation secure at home and abroad – including passing clean troop funding bills, keeping terrorists off American soil, and fully funding missile defense.

You can download the House Republicans’ “A Pledge to America” at

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