ESPN should lead reporting on Penn State child abuse allegations

I understand that yesterday was football Sunday.  And today most of the talk is about Magic Johnson and the 20 year anniversary of him telling the world he had HIV.  But so far, the “World Wide Leader In Sports” is following, not leading reporting on sex abuse allegations against former Penn State football assistant coach.

ESPN doesn’t shy away from off the field stuff. They’re good about, gathering up “experts” and lawyers to address issues that occur outside the lines.  Tiger Woods’ car wreck was a round the clock ordeal.  Barry Bonds steroids allegations where big news for them.

There are lots of questions that need to be answered about who knew what and ESPN has never been afraid to throw out their opinions.  I’m shocked that on the Monday live SportsCenter, Penn State is following Eli/Aaron talk, Tebow talk and Ravens/Steelers.

Jeremy Schapp is in Happy Valley covering Penn State as he should be. The story is at the top of the headlines tab but not one of the 5 “Top Stories” that rotates with images. Overall, ESPN is giving the story back page treatment so far.

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  1. Arthur J Beauchamp III says:

    I heard a small piece about on the Skip Murphy show but had to leave before I could hear the actual story. Guess I will have to review the internet to get some info.


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