Monique Woodard: Creator of Speak Chic App

I could probably blog for weeks (since I’m only going once or twice a week now, maybe years) about all the great peeps I met at South By Southwest.  But I want to give the first shout out to Monique Woodard, Co-Founder of Black Founders and creator of the mobile app Speak Chic.

According to the Black Founders website, the principals wanted to “…create an organization that would empower entrepreneurs and provide founders with access to advice, mentorship, and funding.”  Their mission is to increase the number of successful black entrepreneurs in technology.

Monique’s app Speak Chic app allows consumers of fashion brands to “quickly and discreetly search for the correct pronunciation, read the phonetic spelling, and listen to the audio.”

I’m gonna take a little time to go through my SXSW experience, which was literally the best experience I’ve had since the DNC Convention in 2008.  If I had known what I was doing it would have been event better.

The best part was meeting people like Monique, getting familiar with organizations like Black Founders, and learning about new apps like Speak Chic.  More to come….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It was great meeting you too Shawn. SXSW is all about making these kinds of valuable connections. Let’s be in touch and continue to build.

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