Local Man and Others Welcome Soldiers Home

The North Texas Liberal posted a great clip from You Tube on their site a few days ago and they gave credit to Right of Texas for turning them on to this great local story (maybe we all can just get along). 

I actually watched this video when it aired on ABC World News Tonight while visiting my in-laws a few weeks ago.  The story details the efforts of Bert Brady, a local man who has made it his business to ensure that the soldiers returning home from Iraq are greeted with a handshake, a smile, and a heartfelt "thank you".  The soldiers and their families were very grateful for the welcome they received from he and others who travel to DFW Airport week after week.

I was inspired by Mr. Brady, and wrote down his name immediately after the story aired.  I called DFW to find out about their Welcome Home A Hero Program, but have yet to act upon the information that I received.  In the coming weeks I plan to join Mr. Brady at DFW, and will let you know about my experience.  I hope you enjoy the following clip as much as I did.

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