Dr. Frederick D. Haynes to sign copies of his book “Soul Fitness” today

Here's a reminder that Dr. Frederick D. Haynes will sign copies of his new book Soul Fitness tonight starting at 7:00 p.m.  I am posting a recap of the press release which ran on the site a couple of weeks ago.

soul fitness.jpg(DALLAS, Texas) – Each morning on K104FM, one of the top-rated radio shows in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III shares his “Inspirational Vitamin” with thousands of listeners.  Still more followers outside the listening area tap into the radio station’s website to listen to Haynes’ inspirational message. Now, fans nationwide can take the encouragement home with them in Soul Fitness with Frederick D. Haynes III.   

The first book signing is scheduled for Tuesday, July 31, 2007, 7pm; at Friendship-West Baptist Church  Friendship-West is located at 2020 W. Wheatland Road in Dallas.

The newest release from Judson Press, Soul Fitness offers the same upbeat, high energy, advice found in Haynes’ “Inspirational Vitamin.” Subjects and themes range from George Washington Carver to Hurricane Katrina to Kanye West and every message is designed to lift the soul and jump-start the day. Haynes’ words move the reader like an aerobic exercise for the spirit!   

He delivers advice on bouncing back and overcoming adversity, provides fitness tips on resistance training, thinking like a champion, and not going down without a fight, and shares real life inspirational examples of those who have “fought back,” “kept it real,” “anchored themselves in God,” and “not settled for less.”

As you read the meditations in Soul Fitness, you will find the fiber of your faith strengthened. You will also see a minister of the gospel being faithful in offering all his gifts and talents to God to be a blessing in the lives of those among whom God has placed in this “present age”—from the Foreword by Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

Dr. Haynes, a nationally known preacher, teacher and motivator, is the pastor of the 9,000 member Friendship-West Baptist Church.  

The book, $10 each, can be purchased at Friendship-West’s III Pyramids Bookstore, 2020 W. Wheatland Road, Dallas and online at www.friendshipwest.org.

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