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I’d like to welcome, Dallas South Community Supporter who will sponsor a weekly Bible Study session here on the blog. Founder and editor Carl Carey talked with me about the site, how it started, and how the Dallas South Family can get the most out of the bible lessons that will be featured here.

Listen to the interview with Carl Carey below.

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Seeking a Breakthrough…

Welcome to our new bible series entitled, Inspiring Bible Characters. Our goal for the next eight weeks is to gain inspiration from several men and women who we meet in scripture. To set up this series of lessons, I want us to first examine our own lives.

While we have much to be thankful for, most of us are still grappling with things that cause us unrest. For our first lesson, I want to study what it means to arrive at a place of being at peace about whatever has been distressing you. Overcoming that personal distress is commonly referred to as having a breakthrough.

I truly hope that as you identify the changes you want to make in your life that you will then be inspired by our bible characters; and ultimately have a breakthrough of your own this year.

Have you been dealing with a particular situation that has caused you unrest for a long period of time?

  • What are some of the issues that we deal with on a long-term basis?

Some of the Things that Cause You Unrest…
•Financial problems
•Marital problems
•Lack of progress in one’s life (stuck in a rut)
•Family issues
•Stress on the job
•Issues with Self
•Relationship issues
•Past Hurts
•Physical health
•Emotional health
•Living in Sin
•An unmet desire or need

Did you know that sometimes the answer to our problem exists, but like in science, we just haven’t discovered it yet…
Some of our problems are complex and difficult for us to solve, but in Christ, we have the answer…

To view this lesson in its entirety, click here.

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