D. A. Investigators Probation Absconder Unit Apprehend First Felony Probation Violator on County’s “Top 20 Most Wanted” List

county seal.jpg(DALLAS – August 9, 2007) – Today, Dallas County District Attorney’s Office investigators, in conjunction with the county’s Community Supervision and Corrections Department Absconder Unit and the Dallas Police Department, apprehended and arrested the first felony probation absconder from its “Top 20 Most Wanted” list. 

The probation absconder, Karen Bomar, 48, whose criminal history includes felony offenses of assault, theft and drug possession, had been on probation since December 7, 2006, but had not been seen since she last reported to her probation officer on December 19, 2006.  Bomar was apprehended at an apartment complex in Dallas. 

“Our investigators have been working closely with the Probation Department’s Absconder Unit in attempts to locate probation absconders in Dallas County,” said Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins.  “When probationers fail to comply with the terms of their court-ordered supervision, it poses a threat to our top priority of keeping the citizens safe because it limits our ability to track them and their activities. 

The apprehension of Ms. Bomar today counts as what I anticipate to be the first of many successful operations to get the most wanted felony probation violators back in custody and off our streets.”

The Absconder Unit Felony Section, which officially launched on August 6, 2007, is a collaborative effort with Probation Officers, District Attorney Investigators, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Marshals Service.  The Absconder Unit’s criteria for its “Top 20 Most Wanted” list include probationers with violent offenses or any felony case where the offender has a violent criminal past.

The mission of the Absconder Unit, which is headed by Dr. Michael Noyes, director, Community Supervision and Corrections Department, Dallas County, is to attempt to locate individuals who have absconded their court-ordered supervision, encourage and motivate them to return into compliance, facilitate the apprehension of those who refuse to comply and cooperate with law enforcement in any criminal investigation.

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2 Responses

  1. Karen Bomar should be picked up again. She is an outlaw and a horrible US citizen.

  2. Rob says:

    When do you want to fund a another “task force” or “unit” to go after absconders? While some people really need to be monitored there are many that do not and a special task force is needless expense to the tax payer. I say go find the people that are committing crimes not the people that already have. If the absconder is a true criminal he or she will resurface by committing another crime anyway. And the generic idea of “we need to keep the community safe” is just that, a generic sense of logic. Because what happens after their, say 3 years, of probation is up? Than who keeps me safe? If someone runs off that is non-violent who really cares? Not me.

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