Tiger Woods, the PGA Championship, and Dallas; Six Degrees of Separation

tiger.jpgFor some reason I've always been a sucker for trivia.  Many of my friends, and especially my wife, say that I am a fountain of useless information. 

As I was watching a recap of the PGA Championship's 3rd Round on ESPN, a throw away caption lead me to associate Tiger's pending feat with Big D.  This is an example of why I have such a dubious rep.

Six Degrees of Separation Between Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship and Dallas

1.  Tiger Woods leads the PGA Championship in Tulsa by 3 strokes.

2.  If Tiger wins on Sunday it will be his 4th PGA title

3.  Only 2 players have won more than three PGA's

4.  Those players are Walter Hagen and Jack Nicklaus.

5.  Walter Hagen's 5th PGA Championship victory came in 1927.

6.  The 1927 PGA Championship was played at Cedar Crest Golf Course in Dallas ; Oak Cliff to be exact. 

A bit of a stretch to be sure, but true none the less. 

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