Dallas South Rewind: August 5 – August 11

rewind1.jpgHere's a look at a few stories from the past week that caught my attention. 

1.  Jose Antonio Vargas of the Washington Post writes about the lack of diversity at the Yearly Kos Bloggers' Convention,  calling it a "a Sea of Middle-Aged White Males."

2.  Dallas Morning News special contributor Sabrina Miller reports on Talib Kweli and his lyrics challenge the cultural debate

3.  Gromer Jeffers Jr., of the Morning News covers Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention in Las Vegas. 

4.  Mark Cuban congratulates Barry Bonds on his home run record at Blog Maverick.

5.  Renee Hartley of Blue Island had a couple of posts this week regarding the Jena 6.  Click here and here to view them.

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