Dr. Wright comforts Bill Clinton and Lyndon Johnson in times of need


In 1998, during one of President Bill Clinton’s darkest hours, who did he call for spiritual guidance? You guessed it, Dr. Jeremiah Wright. Bill Clinton and everyone else should be ashamed for their silence as they watch the media characterize Wright as a fringe outsider that Barack Obama brought to town.

A website has been created called The Truth About Trinity United Church of Christ. The site puts it quite clearly in a recent post:

He’s always been such the statesmen!
Pastor Wright was invited to the White House TWICE! This man is a true patriot and a powerful minister of the gospel.

wrighthosp.jpgClick on the picture to the left, and you will see Wright in his military days attending to President Lyndon Johnson. He’s on the right hand side standing behind the pole.

He received a letter from Johnson’s physician, Dr. George Burkley for his service. “(The President) greatly appreciates your skill and competence in your field,” Burkley says, “which added greatly to his comfort…” Click here to see a copy of the actual letter.

This image of Wright is just not accurate. A white racist would never be able to get the close to these Presidents and wouldn’t get two invites to the White House. Think People!

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