Dallas South featured in Philadelphia Tribune “Blogger Nation” article

Dallas South and others are featured in an extensive article in the Philadelphia Tribune Magazine titled Blogger Nation. It is the cover story of their April edition.

Click the link to see the Philly Tribune article BLOGGER NATION.

The article that is put together by Heather Faison doesn’t break any new ground for visitors to this site, as many of you were part of the history that was made. However folks who aren’t into the whole “internet thing” may find it interesting just how much internet activism is credited with some of last years efforts.

What About Our Daughters, Jack and Jill Politics, as well as Electronic Village and his Black Blog Rankings are Afrospear blogs mentioned in the article.

Heather does a great job recapping some of the milestones achieved in the internet movement last year. My quotes all seem to be critical of the NAACP, but what I said is what I said. Also, the Afrospear was created before the Shaquanda Cotton case, but many of us who are now member were not aware of it until after. That case IS what brought us all together, there’s no questions.

Click on the link above, it’s a really slick representation of the magazine using technology I haven’t seen before. This internet thing just may work out after all.

You must have Adobe Flash Player to view the magazine.

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