Thomas McDermott claims look of “inproriety” and “something corrupt” in Indiana, claims should be examined

mcderm.jpgWhy did the Thomas McDermott – mayor of Hammond, Indiana- accuse Gary, Indiana mayor Rudy Clay of “something corrupt” regarding the late returns in their county?” When the 1st results came in early this morning from Lake County, we learned they were from the Gary area.

The last batch of votes came in from the southern part of the county that was pro-Clinton. I WANT TO SEE if the Pro-Clinton Mayor Thomas McDermott will investigate those claims with the knowledge that late returns came from Pro-Clinton south Lake County.

He spoke to Gary’s Black Mayor with an arrogant, condescending tone that wouldn’t seem appropriate for people from the same party. From the sound of it, Mayor Clay was senior to Mr. McDermott and didn’t deserve to be lectured by him. I thought mayor Clay handled McDermott and CNN’s badgering with class. Especially since his city was not the one holding out the votes.

It’s sad that volunteers who spent an entire 24 hours counting ballots would have to endure criticism from McDermott and the Indiana Secretary of State.  Sour grapes.

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